Three things inspired me to want to learn professional internet marketing and teach others at no cost through this website.

  1. I wanted to leverage the power of the internet to build a successful business in the network marketing profession.
  2. I wanted to create an impact and make a difference in an underdog company. 
  3. I wanted to create something in such away that those who followed me only had to build business one time. 

This all started in 2013. At first I was skeptical because I was too old fashioned and had no understanding of how powerful the internet was. I didn't quite understand how it worked. I have always understood how people and business worked. Thanks to the education and training I had prior to the internet. First things first I didn't have the money to higher a trainer or coach. I didn't have money to go to school to learn how to code or build through the avenue of coding. And I knew that I didn't want to struggle to earn money or spend my entire life working for someone else. It took me several years to get my skill to where it is today. When it comes to business building and creating success all business no matter the business require the exact same things. 

You will always generate more traffic then you ever will leads and more leads than you ever will sales. There is only one thing that can allow you to truly maximize your sales and that is to always do whatever it takes to increase your skill. To be successful you should always be learning, always be growing and that way you will always be in a constant state of improvement. Learning the skills I have is extremely overwhelming without a set guide or a set teacher. So regardless of what business you're desiring success in I can teach you how to have success. 

The company I represented at the time I decided to attempt to bring business online shut down. This left me having to start over. I continued to participate in the network marketing profession by partnering with a few companies. Unfortunately things always happened that was beyond my control. Such as the CEO selling the company, and a CEO coming down sick. One of the biggest things that repeated itself over and over again even still to this day. Is the never ending chaos of industry train wrecks. This could be a company getting shut down by the FTC, or them shutting down due to crooked leadership that was looking for a money grab. 

The other issues that still continue today are Gurus who leverage the lack of people's knowledge to make themselves rich with no care or concern of whether or not those they take money from are ever successful. There are a few companies that are around still to this day that I scratch my head trying to understand why they have not been shut down as of yet. I won't mention their names because this website is an alternative to their unethical greedy methods. 

With all of the chaos with the internet today there is saturation in just about every area imaginable. Standing out is the biggest challenge of our time. Where most people have failed is they have forgotten the same things it takes or took to be successful. And what it took in the beginning are still the same things that it takes to be successful now. Nothing has changed when it comes to the things that success has always demanded. 

Success is simple but has never been easy. One of the greatest things about success is there is way more to learn then there is to actually do. Meaning Success is not as hard as everyone makes it out to be. It's just those basic details that need to be learned and mastered. Consistency and determination are the maker and breaker. I have trained and coached various different types of people from diverse backgrounds and education levels. The failure rate is still near 100% no matter who it is and where they come from. Which is another reason I am providing the content on this site 100% at no cost. I have fought with people in the industry who have earned way more money than I could ever dream of the primary reason is they earned their money to sleight of hand and massive manipulation. I found this to be true because all legitimate businesses have specific processes of executed skill that makes them successful. WHY? because they have real products, and services they provide to a specific market and industry. With the internet it's common that people learn how to lie and manipulate others out of their money. 

It doesn't matter if you are looking for success with a specific product line, service line, or if you're looking for success in the network marketing profession your best chance at success is to create your own personal and individual brand of credibility that has nothing to do with anyone else. This means the company you represent, the products or services you promote, and the opportunity you seek reward from. If people don't know you, like you, or trust you as a credible, reliable or dependable source: success will be an impossibility for you. This is why you need your own personal branded platform to launch your success from. 

If you have spent any time online 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years or more and still have never had any success chances are you are being lied to or have been lied to continue to be lied to. This website as inspired by an old video posted by one of my clients from years ago who is no longer a client of mine. Michael Babcock "The Best Marketer In Oregon" at this point I have lost contact with this man that is who made the video on the home page. He has always been an inspiration to me because he is blind! Some of the things I know today I learned from him! 

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