I am going to list as many of the reasons and benefits of why you should do this yourself and do my dead level best to explain.

The first obvious reason you should do this yourself is because no one else is going to do it for you. I don't care how many done for you things you see, hear or even read about. Even if you sign up for a done for you system. You still have to market and get that content in front of other people. This means you are responsible for generating your own traffic, then you are responsible for building a relationship with that traffic. You still have to establish your identity so they can come to know like and trust you. That is nearly impossible to do when someone else is the face, or the speaker of the content. I don't care how well put together a sales funnel is. I don't care how well it converts. The person in the video and the person predominantly in the content or responsible for that content is more than likely stealing all of your traffic, leads and sales. 

Even if you do paid marketing to a high converting funnel that is coded to you the owner of the funnel, website, can change and redirect all traffic back to themselves. Never trust or put the success of your business into the hands of any 3rd party platform that houses affiliates. And certainly don't do that for any multi level marketing (mlm) teams with anyone who has not proven themselves credible. Do not misunderstand me. When I say houses affiliates I'm not speaking against Jvzoo, Share -a- sale, or other respectable affiliate authorities that run legitimate affiliate programs. I am talking about programs and platforms that have upsells. I am talking about team systems where you are charged in addition to the money you pay to participate whatever opportunity you're planning to build an income with. 

Another reason you should be doing this yourself is because when all else fails you have a skill you can fall back on this skill translates into other opportunities desirable or not. Example I don't have a desire to build websites for other people. I have, I can and I will if I have to. I don't have a desire to build sales funnels. But I have, I can and I will. I don't have the desire to build team systems for network marketing teams. I have, I can and I will. I would prefer to teach someone how to do this rather than do this for them. 

This brings me to my next point. Not only will you learn the skill to do for yourself but you will save a lot of money in the process. Ever heard horror stories of outsourcing? You can't outsource something you don't understand. If you don't understand how the internet works, how hosting works, or how anything works you will never understand how countless people get taken advantage of, hacked or demoralized by malicious and dishonest behaviors and black hat tactics that gives the internet a bad name. 

Another reason to learn how to do this yourself is technology is always changing. Programmers and developers are always looking to make things easier to work with and newbie friendly. Grant it there is a lot to learn and for someone new it's overwhelming. But you don't have anything to worry about because I am going to make it easy for you. Not only that I will point you in the right direction. And I won't charge you anything. The only way I can earn any money is if you purchase the same tools I use and of course if you decide to be generous and support my income through the provided channels. But ultimately it cost you nothing but time so that I can properly educate and guide you. 

The benefits of doing it yourself is you will be able to teach and train others and pass this along to more people. If you're a leader or in leadership you will be able to delegate responsibilities to others. You will have room to grow and develop. Nothing and no one will be able to take that away from you. You can create sources of income for yourself that you may have other wise not been able to. Whether you work for yourself or someone else. If you follow me or even decide to become my personal client I will not with hold anything from you. The difference between the being a free follower and learning from this website is all content here is written. As a client you get access to a video training platform. 

Before you ever consider being a client at the very least try this on your own first. Go through the education learn first before you spend any money! Educate before you make a decision. Last thing you want to do is spend money and waste time if you're not comfortable enough to commit. 

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