Thanks for taking the time to stop by. The purpose of this article is to give you a warm welcome. And to introduce to you what Brand With Authority or (bwa for short) is about. The name should speak for itself. And this website is serves a two fold purpose. This website is going to provide 100% free education concerning professional internet marketing as it relates to the concepts of professional branding.  In terms of being able to produce results. This website is going to serve as a step by step guide. 

Unfortunately if you don't have a strong attention span this may or may not be for you. Want to learn how to build a brand online. And without all of the confusion and headaches of people playing money games with you. Y You're at the right place at the right time. 

The reason this content has no cost two it for two reasons:

  1. It's all going to be written content 
  2. The internet is filled with paid trash we want to be very different.

When you can trust us to educate you. Surely you can trust us to train you. Education & Training is not all created equally. Just because you hear motivation & inspiration invoked into the content doesn't mean the content has any real substance. The music can sound good all day. But if the words to the song has no meaning you might as well be listening to an instrumental. If the words being spoken don't provide direction. That means the information is absolutely worthless. Brand With Authority wants to be an offset to the hype and nonsense.



Having the right intel matters. You can't make decisions without it. So we have to start with education. If you don't understand what you are looking for. And if you are unable to identify it's components. Then someone like myself who does can come along and manipulate you out of a lot of money. After getting to your emotions of course. Verify first before you trust anything or anyone online. Even if you think they are well known, respectable and successful. 

Over the span of several years even those I looked up to and respected lost that respect because of integrity issues. Nothing more disappointing than to find out that your favorite hero became that by lying and manipulating people.

For those who might be entitled. And think everything should be free. Here it is. Free education which I've always believed should be free from the perspective of entrepreneurship. Again education helps people make informed decisions. But here is also free training. This you will not get anywhere else online. An entire website dedicated to providing both free education and free education concerning proper branding and professional internet marketing. You should certainly be grateful.

Even though this content is free should you feel like you've received value an option is in place for you to donate any amount you deem fair and necessary should you choose to. And if we don't earn or gain one cent from one single person. We are happy to do this. Because this is truly helping people. Success comes down to how well and effective the communication is. And on both parts the teacher/trainer and the student/listener. The only way you can accomplish success using the BWA education and training is if you take the time. And carefully go through everything in it's proper order.  Get on the mailing-list. 



Brand With Authority does offer services that you're welcome to pay for in the event that you don't have the time, patience or will power to learn the skills to build an online brand yourself. We get it! We can do it for you and train you to use it. Or you can hire us to manage your entire brand for you. Just know that you have a lot of options. We can build a brand for just about any situation you can imagine. It does not matter what your business is. It doesn't matter what product or service you sell. The internet can do quite a bit of the heavy lifting for you in various applications. 

You can always hire an authorized personnel and let us train them if you want to be completely hands off. That is totally understandable. It makes sense. You are already busy enough. The good thing is the concern of being left behind in the digital is still being addressed. 

Suppose you want to work with Brand With Authority a bit closer to become more accountable. There is a training and coaching program available with an online training platform should you choose that option. Instead of Brand With Authority building your brand for you. We provide the online training platform that will allow you to learn the exact same skills we use to not only make our brand an online success but other brands as well. You don't need to make any decision today. And there is absolutely no pressure whatsoever. Just take the time to educate yourself or allow us to educate you. And to that to protect your time and your money. You don't want to make any decisions without the proper and realistic expectations.



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