Purchase these tools at your own risk! 

I do not recommend buying any tool that you don't have a decent understanding of their purpose. It's one thing to know what they do. And it's another thing to know how they work. Because it's not enough if you don't know how to use them. Some tools don't cost any money at all. Some do cost. A majority of the tools are services that specialize in something that require elite skills to create. 

A true professional brand costs money to operate. And just like every other profession that exists there are operating costs (overhead) that are necessary and associated with doing business. Whatever skill you lack in expect to spend money to acquire what is that you need to establish your brand. I do not recommend that you brand yourself in area that you have no experience in. Or any area that you've never had success in. 

Every profession has some type of tool or tools necessary to get the job or task at hand. Something to make the job easier to complete. Some professions can't start a job unless the required tools necessary are present. Professional Internet Marketing is no different. Building and operating a brand online has no exceptions and there are not shortcuts. 



The foundation of online branding is content. No content has the ability to impact properly without the proper planning and preparation. The success of content is based on how well the content is organized and of course how well the content is written. This is my go to for multiple things from managing my personal content based projects to managing high cost projects for other businesses. 


Video content is the most powerful way to deliver presentations whether drip content for marketing purpose, or for educational and training purposes. The foundation of all videos I created regardless of the content is this tool. I use it for two primary purposes. The script writing tool, and this is my video host where all my videos live. 


When it comes to branding professional graphics, images, and logos are vital. Especially when you're extending your brand to social media platforms. You don't have to hire a designer if you choose to do this yourself. With some practice and experimentation you can create some visually stunning and very impactful cosmetics with a little bit of nothing. 


When it comes to branding and managing your content online you first need a domain name. This is not something you want to forward, mask or map to something already created and something already in existence. A brand is something you want to build from scratch! From the ground up! Branding is about creating an identity it's what you do with your domain name. To do anything else is a waste! 


When it comes to what you do with your domain name hosting is necessary to bring your website online. By installing the website directly to your domain name tells not just the search engines but the world that you own that site and brand. It demands and commands respect. Without hosting nothing on the internet would be available. This is where the files that contain your content lives. The digital home for your brand online!


When it comes to website aesthetics to an automated sales process you need a professional lead capture and sales funnel software that integrates right inside of your website. Something that does not compromise the integrity of your brand and your ability to track all of your analytical data. Every website I own and operate, and every sales funnel I create I don't use anything else. It doesn't make sense to pay excessive amounts of money every month or annually when you don't have to.   


There is only one tool that exists online that makes automation possible and that is a bulk mailing system called an autoresponder. Create a sales funnel or a marketing campaign set up the series and forget it. You need a system to be working for you 24 hours around the clock even when you're not online. This is the only thing that makes it possible for you to generate sales in your sleep or at any time. 

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